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Old News


You decide!

Message: The default light-blue style for the ZWZ Page may not suit you anymore. I'm giving you the chance to choose what style should become the default style presented to new visitors.

Try all the styles prior to voting. Click the Styles menu item to the left and try each style. Please note that Internet Explorer may have difficulties displaying some of them. The Green one is not directly recommended, try GreenL instead.

This poll is obsolete, plus someone deliberately voted for the Dark skin repeatedly to forge it. Green chosen, poll no longer relevant.

Related Pictures

Message: I have coded a feature that will show you small thumbnails next to the medium view you are currently at. You won't miss the pics of your favorite style anymore!
Please note that it's manually edited, so the scope is only my own wallpapers. They are hosted externally.
To try it out, click on any thumbnail in the menu to the left.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Message: A new feature is now available. When browsing the ZWZ Gallery on the dynamic server, you can play any image in the gallery like a puzzle. Click on it to see the full view and then click on the Jigsaw link on the top of the full-view window.

1010127 Lightyears Away...

Message: The famous Rabi-en-Rose's dice. The creative plush hairdress accessory. Rabi, whose real name is actually Usada Hikaru, is sometimes mischievous, but she has a soft side too. In this particular work, she is on the surprising DiGi Charat planet, which is also Dejiko's home, at night. The ultimate spectacular universe kept life-safe by very advanced yet subtle DiGi Charat technology offers an exquisite pleasure to the eye. And now, you, the visitor of the ZWZ Page, have a nice opportunity to enjoy the sight as well. Click on the dice to load a preview with Rabi~en~Rose to your computer to set it as your wallpaper. (As a side note, the corresponding PSD file has 83 MB despite the resolution.)

A seasonal wallpaper

Message: I did several wallpapers of DiGi Charat before, but this one challenges the renown "autumn" style. The grass is real, albeit shopped. The trees are done in an old benchmark for VGA. The clouds are taken from a photo, but that photo looks entirely different, of course.
As for the scan of Dejiko, it didn't include the waist, so I had to take one from another scan of Dejiko and align it.
The wallpaper matches the current season in this country. That's why she looks slightly cold. Remember that I try to include some meaning into the wallpaper.
The PSD has 33 MB and the work was split over two days. The extraction was a routine; worse was the choice and creation of the background. I finally gave it the autumn look as intended.

Back Again

Message: The regular schedule returns, the server is online everyday during the European daytime.

Scheduled Outage

Message: The ZWZ server will be offline between August 12th and 19th. Please visit in the meantime.

Gallery sorting changed

Message: I have decided to change the approach to the displaying of the static gallery entries. Previously, they were sorted alphabetically as the recursive algorithm indexed them in the directories. But now, they are sorted by their acquiration date and time, so that you will see the newest ones on the beginning. This will also enrich your experience with the ZWZ Gallery, because you will be able to get the new ones instantly.

The origin of "ZWZ"

Message: Although some people may think that it was named by Związek Walki Zbrojnej, it's not so. It's an abbreviation of "Zdeněk WareZ". Although this site stopped offering warez a long time ago, the abbreviation remained. It's easy to remember, makes nice logos and doesn't often collide with other words. The only collisions are the former Polish army and some Chinese manufacturer of bearings. I'm not affiliated with any of those and it's just what I've written here.
Just for the record: I have never boosted any real kind of war or fight, except for purely fictional computer gaming.

Thanks for linking me back.

Links: And I cannot forget to link you also.
A note for my users: If you want a full image from Minitokyo without having the required points there, visit the FuzzySearch Help feature in the menu to the left. Also please note how my site is the only one, where their link still works! The ZWZ Page is still the most able when it comes to preserving full wallpapers for free. Even if they ridicule this site, they can never achieve this kind of reliability (no deletions), longevity and free access.
Neither can they beat my number of free styles (skins) for the site. They have only 1 optional skin and it's only available to very active members. Click on the Styles menu and choose your favorite color. Preferences are saved into cookies, no registration required.

Software Patents Directive Rejected!

Message: The European Parliament has finally rejected the bill that would allow big corporations to purchase patents for software. This is a big victory for us, ordinary users. Hooray!

Searching Scripts Overhauled!

Message: I have added some really neat improvements in the ZWZ Gallery Search. Now you will see up to 10 times of a speed boost over the previous version. Plus, the Firefox users will see a nice progress animation to know that they actually pressed the Search button. That feature had to be disabled server-side for Internet Explorer because of its faulty implementation of the SetTimer method in JavaScript, which entirely resets the Meta Refresh counter when applied.
P.S.: Check out my new wallpaper with Elwyn!

Is your browser right?

Links: Now you can simply test your browser's functionality with transparent PNG images. Click here to see a test page. If your browser fails to comply with the PNG test, I advise you to get Firefox!

Did you say DiGi Charat?

Click on the thumbnails to see full wallpapers.
To search for more DiGi Charat wallpapers, click here.
To browse the gallery with my wallpapers only, click here.
You can also browse the directory of DiGi Charat.

Explanation to FuzzyHash

Message: You people seem not to get the feature at all. So here is a simple intro on how to use it.


Message: Well, what to say? 750 GB should be enough for hosting anime, ne?

Bandwidth Is Limited

Message: There are a few leechers out there, who effectively disable the rest of you from browsing the ZWZ Page. To fight that, I have added per-user bandwidth limiting. You have

50 MB.

After that, even when the transfer was initiated and not finished, you will be cut off for the rest of the day. So please click wisely. It now applies just to the hardware-intensive part such as the gallery, but you'd better be cautious! It however doesn't apply to the mirror, so go there if you hit the bottom.

FuzzyHash Implemented!

New: And what does it mean for you?
Have you ever thought, I have seen this picture so many times, but who's the author?
Or: It's in such a low resolution! They must have it in a bigger one somewhere!
But alas! Where is the name!? 11002192364 - nooooo!
BUT - here's one BUT, and it's called the ZWZ Page! Right, I have come up with a working solution of this problem! I hear you say, "I'm not gonna browse your endless gallery!" - but that's not the way, fortunately enough.
This algorithm will get your specimen image and it will find 20 closest matches in the database. The process lasts 15 seconds, not counting the upload. To speed it up, it's recommended to shrink it to 100×100 px JPEG, but it will accept any BMP (TrueColor), JPEG, PNG and even TIFF. (Not GIF, sorry.) Then you'll see the results, each clickable for the full version.
As you can see, even a thumbnail saved from a restricted page can be used for successful searching. But there's more! The algorithm will even work with rough scans. You can grab your anime printout, scan it and FIND its original digital version.
Will you go for it?

Some small improvements

  • Counter style corrected.
  • The number under the menu shows the number of visitors of this site. It was previously the same for all of the styles and looked odd. Now it changes with every style applied! :)
  • New style added!
  • It's called Sand. Try it! You can switch between styles by clicking on the 'Change Style' line under the menu and then on the style name.

    Higher Reliability!

    Message: This server will be more reliable from now on. I have implemented double UPS protection - for the best possible protection against power failure.

    More time online!!

    New Fixed Links

    Message: The entrance to this site is now done through scripting, which slows down the first page showing, but adds several enjoyable features:
  • Simple subdomain adding
  • Custom subframe
  • Much shorter link to the japanese version
  • Multiple virtual servers hosting made trivial!
  • Like for example: - direct showing of the Gallery frame - direct showing of the Media section - translates to Japanese! - Finally working! It didn't before. - A collection of photos, doujinshi drawings and hentai drawings of the most scandalous child in Nippon, who proves that the BR concept isn't so far from reality!!


    Message: Enjoy this all-the-new design of my page! The old version is here.
    If you don't see the categories to the left and a ZWZ logo to the top, please click to correct it right now.

    Hacking is a No No!!

    Message: Some dickhead from Israel tried to get into my machine by trying well-known account names with empty passwords. Needless to say, to no avail.
    Here's his IP:
    Again, it's my good will that I offer you this server. Stop being so pitiful as to hack what's here for you!

    New Gallery

    Message: UPDATE: A new search function in the gallery!
    Now this is a matchless act on the field of a single-person webhosting. Not only for its size, but also for the daring of the whole action!
    But to get to the point: As everyone I've been collecting many pictures from all over the web for several years. And to fulfill the motto of this site—to give everything to all—I've coded an offline generator and made a high-quality gallery. It's divided into sections according to censorship, so you won't see anything hardcore if you don't want to ^_^ . But remember: I'm technically an amateur and you are in the role of beta-testers. If you find a picture that's too offensive for a particular category, mail me immediately!

    Another 100 GB For You!

    New: There's one more computer in my network. And because its HDD capacity is more than abundant, let's use it for sharing Pita Ten!
    Works sometimes only.

    Song of the week

    Song: So, folks, the song of the week is...
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Grateful Days. You can download it!
    Get more songs in the Media section.
    The last song was:
    Pita Ten - Shiawase ni Naru to ii na.mp3
    Pita Ten - 02 - Chiisana Negai
    Di Gi Charat - Sakura Sakura
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Ayu-Ro-Mix 3 - 05 - Heartplace (Dreamland EuroMix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki - ayu trance 3 - 02 - Real Me (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix)
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Still Alone (Warp Brothers Remix)


    Message: Since the content of this site got quite wild recently, I have decided to employ a rating system. In the left corner of every article, there will be a small icon similar to the ESRB rating. Please study these icons thorougly to avoid seeing any disturbing content.
    E Everyone. There is nothing wrong with this item.
    T Teen. Children older than 12 years will be okay with this. May contain words like "damn".
    Y Young adult. From 15 years. It may contain blood, but not connected with people's deaths or injuries. I won't add any brutally murdered animals here either.
    M Mature, the limit is 17 years. Here you can expect bare breasts and murders on the mainstream-movies level.
    I Ecchi. Similar to the M, but containing drawn art rather than photos and coarse language. Possible nakedness cleverly hidden with furniture/thrown underwear/ decide.
    A Adult. Don't be surprised to find any awful things like on, jk.
    H Hentai. The same as above, plus random barely legal "art" from the country of the rising sun.
    Browse safely with ZWZ!

    Co to tady smrdí? Seznamový zmrdi!!

    Message: [Česky:]
    Portál (schválně nedělám odkaz) zákeřně zpoplatnil svůj webhosting. Po nezabezpečených přílohách e-mailů a dovolování provozu chatu s dětským |°ornem je to další z jeho sviňských činů. Proto doporučuji změnit providera. ZWZ doporučuje: Tiscali nebo

    Předpověď: Takhle to bude vypadat za 4 roky! —>

    Engrishify ItTM! (Corrected)

    Links: Hi! I have constructed a very weird link, which will translate this page into Japanese and then back to English. Enjoy it here! You can even click on this link on the altered page to get even more warped results!
    Because Engrish |20012 !


    Links: You can always find mirror of this page on at least one of these URLs:
    This is always up-to-date.
    Won't be updated anymore!
    Recommended, if the 1st one doesn't work.

    These flowers are not the same

    Message: Click to learn the difference between snowflake and snowdrop.

    Does this page's font suck?

    Links: Then download the very classical Garamond font and ph331 the rightness of this page!

    Incoming Mail

    Message: The lines marked with • are the ad questions, "—" are my answers.
    • Does your PC keep misbehaving?
    — No, it's got no free will, it does everything according to its programs.
    • Does your PC keep crashing at critical times?
    — No. It lasts the whole day, until I turn it off peacefully.
    • Does your PC need constantly re-booting?
    — No. Why?
    • Does your PC simply refuse to let you work efficiently?
    — It can catch up with my typing with no hassle.
    • Does your PC give annoying License File errors?
    — Are ya kiddin? Everything is properly craxx0r3d!
    • Does your PC run slower than when you first bought it?
    — *devilish grin* I've overclocked it!
    • Does your PC cost you valuable time?
    — Using my PC is the most valuable time :-)

    The Shocking Disclosure

    Message: Do you know what does ICQ mean? Sure, it's the most widely used chat client. But what's actually behind the abbreviation? I Seek You? Hardly. So I have looked up the meaning of kanji, which can be read like if you spell ICQ. It's 愛死急 !! Love Dies Suddenly! So this is what the evil creators were aiming for!
    And the point? Stop chatting and find some better kind of entertainment.