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Multimedia Files!

About The Section

I have decided to make some of my songs, pictures and maybe videos available here. Linking the files directly is strictly prohibited! Please make mirrors.

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A Brand New Feature for you!

Links: Now you can search through my huge and still growing collection of excellent (not only) anime wallpapers! And that's not all. Feel free to add this searching capability to your site with this code:
<iframe src= width=400 height=350 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>
Or find something yourself right now.

One MP3 mirrored elsewhere

Links: On you can download Jounetsu no Paradise from Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat.

Some Pictures

Links: Hello, people! The FTP gallery now has a high-quality frontend. Visit it here. This is the old raw FTP: FTP directory.

One Picture of Ayumi. "Ayu Can Hear U"

Ayumi I had a very hard time finding this picture! All sites have a dead-link of it! So here it is!

Does Microsoft s**k? Certainly!

Links Some time ago, Kompost has presented a parody on Windows 2003 Server banner. However, Microsoft threatened them with a prosecution, so they had to censor the animated picture. But it wouldn't be me not to mirror their original picture HERE. It's in Czech, but you will probably get most of the jokes anyway. Enjoy! And I encourage you all to mirror it on your sites too!

A New Wallpaper!

Di Gi Charat wallpaper
Hello! Here is a wallpaper of my production! Of course that I didn't draw the characters, but I have altered the image so that it's suitable as wallpaper. I believe that you will enjoy viewing this wallpaper as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

My 0wn 5k!n

Links Winamp Skin Finally, I have created my very own Winamp skin! Although I have already tweaked many other skins, this is the first one I made from scratch. As you can see, it features Karinka from Steel Angel Kurumi anime. I bet this is the only skin that uses a picture of a doll (statue) instead of a normal drawn picture! In the archive, there are 2 skins - one with a fully functional equalizer, the other without the bars, so that the character's chest is properly visible ^_~ . Works on Winamp 2.x and 5.x. You can make a mirror on your site, but please link me back. Download either from SZM or directly from me. After download, please extract both skins to your Winamp\Skins directory. The RAR contains two WSZ's.
P.S.: Kissu Kara Hajimaru Mirakuru (Theme Song) is just playing -__-