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How To Use FuzzyHash

UPDATE: Google now offers this type of service too. Visit Google Image Search, click on the camera icon and upload your picture to look for. After this loads, you can add to the search field to see things from this server only, if you so wish.

This is a clear intro on how to use the FuzzyHash.

Imagine that you were searching Google for some Koboshi wallpaper. But the only link is dead!

Don't worry and save the thumbnail.

And visit the ZWZ Page. The FH form link is in an article on the Main Page.
Find your saved thumbnail and click Upload.

Now please be patient, Rome wasn't built in one day either.

It's here, the results! You have been lucky, the ZWZ Page carries the full version of your picture!

It's now reduced to a simple gallery download operation. You click the thumbnail and get the full-sized image.

That was the intro! You can find something now! </body></html>