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Links to interesting pages

The Purpose

Message: I will add links to some nice pages I find on the net.

Di Gi Charat Fanclub

Links: Akiranyo and me are working along with others on our Mi-Ai Di Gi Charat Club site. This fanclub is hosted on a social network called Multiply. Feel free to join for free and see the goodies without any catches, hidden payments, level/karma/Marks/papers or other gimmicks. Unfortunately, the infamous gimmicks have arrived, it became a paysite. We will, however, post links to Megaupload collections of the pictures you see in the article wherever possible.

Puchiko Fanlisting


Koboshi Fanlisting

Links: Koboshi-chan I have found this site and since I'm a heavy Pita Ten fan who digs Koboshi, I'm linking it. Click the icon to visit.
WARNING: The site has broken code and it takes the job quite lightly, they misspelled my name and omitted my site link. I can no longer recommend it.

Apocalypse Cartoons

Links: He has made very funny flashes there. I recommend the Rats on Cocaine the most. The second best one is Father Tucker.

Claudia's Site

Links: Claudia does some fine walls. Although only some are of my style, you should definitely visit the site.

Hug, Don't Hit

Links: Support the poor abandoned and violated children!


Links: - They have linked me. WOW! (A Japanese site with links to some good J-Idol sites.)

Origami the weird way

Links: This will give you a good laugh for sure! Origami Boulder. TIP: Read the Q&A section to the end!!

CCS at Dreamer!

Links: Some really kawaii and unique scans of Card Captor Sakura! Dreamer.

Here goes the first link!

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A link to my former classmate's site

Links: - stránka Vojty Sidorina

和巫女 This site contains many 可愛い images usable as wallpapers!

Would You Dare?

Links: Now a link for the tough ones: Would you dare to enhance your office's work computer desktop with one of wallpapers from
UPDATE: That directory has now forbidden listing. But don't fear, that's what is the ZWZ Page here for - to archive for YOU what's disappeared from the web. So, if you are over 18 years old, see it here!

The Differences

Links: This is a page composed of leeched images. They may disappear anytime, but I don't think it will happen any soon. Please note that you must be an alien to view these images — but it's legal in Japan. Anyway, after you have checked that neither your boss, parents, gf nor any eavesdropper is around, go boldly there. And be forewarned; the author, Ari Sonnano, depicts some famous minor anime characters in a way my nymphomaniac mother would envy — and many fans cry!
UPDATE: Here is a disclaimer in English!

Intel inside idiots outside

Links: Use AMD processors!

Wonder-Ranch. A nice page.

Links: itokei This is merely just another site full of nice CGs. Visit it!

Trains Erotic Mode

Links: I couldn't help but 2 link this Engrish sentence with an (in)appropriate picture.


Links: 'Lo ppl. Finally, the mystery of Saki's partner has been solved. The girl of her dreams is Kokoro! (the proof)

Waruda Rake

Links: No more boulevard. This is a site of a good artist.


Links: - I made this site! ^^


I got some walls from there. He wrote to link him back, so...
EDIT: The site is discontinued now. You are on the right place though, because the ZWZ Page is still faithful to the concept of keeping all of the images!

Niels Leenheer

Links: Same as above, he did some Firefox wallpapers, which are favored by the masses.
ZWZon Google+
Short link: