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Faster Connectivity!

Message: It finally happened. The wireless antennas got upgraded giving this website a 50-fold boost in upload speed! Your browsing experience here has improved to the levels expected from services hosted on dedicated servers. Almost every full image will load in seconds, provided you have a fast connection.
Go visit the gallery and see for yourself.
A quick note about handheld devices: All gallery pages now detect phones and tablets automatically and present a whole new optimized template. No side-scrolling required. The first tap loads the medium preview, the second one links to the full picture.

Color Deficit Simulation

Message: Here, on the whole ZWZ website. Visit the filter form to pick a color blindness type and see it in action everywhere on this server.
Be advised that the SVG matrix doesn't allow me to mimic the real deficiencies exactly which means that sometimes, the Ishihara plates will be somewhat readable even with the filter on.
Enjoy! I think that tritanomaly produces a neat dreamy effect for the casual observer, so do try that.

The Gallery Upgraded

Message: I have been working on this website's underlying code to stabilize most of the known issues concerning its non-permanent link system. Content writers all around the web expect to be able to copy a URL and visit the same content later or from a different place. This concept has, sadly, eluded the ZWZ Gallery for quite some time.
But I have finally overhauled the link system to provide a better stability. The thumbnail view is now numbered in a reversed manner - the first, newest page that you see when visiting, actually has the highest URL number. When more pictures are added, the UI numbering will shift against the URLs, but the same pictures will remain visible under these URLs. This should help in all sorts of linking.
And there is more: The full picture views have been upgraded to be hash-coded, rather than path-coded. This will keep the links working virtually forever, no matter how I choose to improve the directory order. Nice faux URL rewriting has been implemented too. It is not a real rewriting per se since the system is already designed with it in mind, but it makes especially pasted URLs look neat.
The puzzle is now working reliably, the link is now the same on both platforms. Upon completion, you get the full view of the gallery window, as opposed to just a raw JPEG before.
The old links will remain working for a while, but they are being phased out of search engines and their functionality is not guaranteed. I will probably also disable the directory listing because it just attracts leechers.
Please enjoy the new gallery.


Links: This appeal is now obsolete. [+]Expand Article

IPv6 and Permanently Online!

Links: This website will now run better. It is equipped with a second backup server and is accessible using both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
To test your IPv6 capability, visit The basic domain is deploying both record types as we speak.

Mirror moving to

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Asus: A can of worms too

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Electric Bicycle

Links: A DIY electric drive for a bicycle. Read on.


Links: I am finally publishing my long-developed and stalled JPEG size reduction program. This software is meticulously crafted to leave all of its competitors in the dust — the options shall surprise even eager Exif users. If you want the ultimate solution for JPEG file size reduction without any further quality loss, download it now.

End of Pictures over FTP

Message: The bandwidth of this server was being constantly raped by leechers over FTP. The pictures are from now only available over HTTP with the 50MB limit.
I apologize to all legitimate users.

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