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The Galleries!

Message: Note: The wallpapers are marked with stars. From 640×480 = 1 star to 1600×1200 = 5 stars. Enjoy!

Puchiko-chanMy work! Click this if you want to see what I've been creating. Notice: Anime content.
Click here if you want to see medium previews with image descriptions.
Here A you can find images that I have extracted/rendered, outpainted, cleaned, stitched, animated, filtered or cropped to achieve a better look.

Moon landscapeNatural*   *
DUPFavorite*** *
NebulaSafe*** *
Sakura AnnaMisc. Wall***15+*
Japanese girl in swimsuitErotic Women * 15+ 
Catgirl in pinkAll Erotic **15+ 
Woman with hands on pool bankBare Chest * * 
Anime girl, big boobsAll Boobs *** 
Woman on a mirrorSoftcore Women * * 
Anime girl presentingSoftcore Girls *** 
Women kissingPorn People * * 
CoitusHardcore ****
Lesbians on top of each otherLesbians * * 
Anime girl on anotherYuri Manga  ** 
Mel, HelenMixed Favorites ****
Set your adult filter preferences here.

Tarn, mountainsNatural Wallpapers! E Everybody will find a beautiful background here.

Ayumi Hamasaki with hair earsSome of my favorites. You may like it too.

Beach sunsetNormal images with the E rating. Contains usual wallpapers and also safe photos of people.

Shiny computerMisc Wallpapers! Mixed M and E ratings. Go here, if you want some decent walls without much obscenity.

Girl in seaSlightly erotic images.M Nothing horrible though.

Japanese girlBeautiful people. M Many are suggestive, but definitely clothed.

Woman with hands on pool bankWomen with naked breasts. A or Women and Anime Girls with breasts together.

Woman presenting, sepiaSoftcore pictures of women. A They show their lady bits. Or view them all with naughty Anime Girls.

Hentai boy licking girl's stomachHardcore pictures. A Includes hentai. Don't visit unless you are over 18 years old. The thumbnail to the right is just a euphemism of the category; it's, in fact, similar to some hardcore magazine.
Lesbians and yuri manga stored separately now.

Bare-breasted modelHardcore pictures of people. A Don't visit unless you are over 18 years old.

Here are links into the galleries that point to interesting items.
Twisted Simpsons, a funny comic.
Wayne Douglas Barlowe, paintings of creatures used in Alien Planet.
Leonid Afremov paintings - Autumn paintings with heavy use of palette knives.
DiGi Charat
William Adolphe Bouguereau, highly realistic paintings of country girls in the late 19th century.
Pita Ten
Zdzisław Beksiński - post-death paintings of people and things.
4woods Dolls - by the Fans - safe - the best silicone dolls at home.
Aki HoshinoM, a beauty idol.
Yuko OguraM, a Japanese cute idol.
Yui IchikawaM, a hot Japanese idol.
4woods DollsM - the best silicone dolls available.
4woods Dolls - by the Fans - eroticM - the best silicone dolls for your home.
Cute Reika ShiinaM - smiling and showing panties.
Stunning Wallpapers, natural photos.
Met-Art RozaA, Roza in fishnet thighhighsA or hairy RozaA - a naked woman of classic value.
Jessie RogersA - a bit thick, but with a perfectly grown perineum. Check that out.
4woods DollsA - the best silicone dolls available showing boobs.
4woods DollsA - barely showing crotch.
Mya and LucieA - fine lesbians.
Hayden WintersA - too good for porn.
Lidiya AA - a cute woman.
Reika Shiina's boobsA
Reika Shiina's muffA
Tila Flame - a chololate girlA
Alyshia KingstonA - a hot black girl
Gianna NicoleA - well-developed
The following content is not made by me and should serve for retrieving dead contents only. Try to find the original creator's mail or website in the corner of the pictures and visit them. This is not meant to steal their work, it's indexing it. I'm not adding my URL tags into these images nor hiding the creator's URL. If you want to be linked, mail me.
zwz_gal_lolita1.htm zwz_gal_guro1.htm
Source: The Internet.

Full Viewing Styles added

Links: You probably know that there are various styles of the displaying of the full gallery image. Some display it in the same window, some open a new full-featured window, some open a new pop-up window (no controls) with some degree of clicking capabilities. But nobody offers you to choose from these styles.
The ZWZ Page gets another unique feature: It allows you to select from 6 different full-viewing techniques! You shall never more miss your preferred viewing style!
Choose below.
ClassicClassic behavior. The browser advances to the picture and you will have to click the 'Back' button to return to the list.
NewOpen in a new full-fledged window.
Popup, CloseOpen a pop-up for a large view with minimum clutter. A click closes the window.
Popup, ZoomSame as above, but a click zooms. Since the window will be reused for another image displayed, you can move the pop-up window to a projector desktop and perform a presentation easily. You can close it by the × button, Alt+F4 or a gesture if the proper extension is installed.
Popup, FullscreenSame as above, but it goes full-screen. Opens normally, the first click maximizes it. Next clicks switch 1:1 and fit-to-screen. Exit that by pressing Esc or Alt+F4. Space closes instantly without exiting full screen first.
Overlay In PlaceIn development. Uses JS to create the picture code in the existing document. It is the fastest. If anything bugs out, please switch to other options.
You can still invoke behavior 2 if any custom one is set with the middle mouse button (wheel). This is especially useful if you want it to load in the background, make a separate panel or just want to access advanced controls that are not available in the current display template. A change applies browser-wide immediately even if more windows of the gallery are already open.
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31337 SEARCH

Message: The Search feature is up! Just type the keywords and/or choose options and hit Enter/Search!
To see what a Mahoromatic search yields, click here.

FuzzyHash Implemented!

New: And what does it mean for you?
Have you ever thought, I have seen this picture so many times, but who's the author?
Or: It's in such a low resolution! They must have it in a bigger one somewhere!
But alas! Where is the name!? 11002192364 - nooooo!
BUT - here's one BUT, and it's called the ZWZ Page! Right, I have come up with a working solution of this problem! I hear you say, "I'm not gonna browse your endless gallery!" - but that's not the way, fortunately enough.
This algorithm will get your specimen image and it will find 20 closest matches in the database. The process lasts 15 seconds, not counting the upload. To speed it up, it's recommended to shrink it to 100×100 px JPEG, but it will accept any BMP (TrueColor), JPEG, PNG and even TIFF. (Not GIF, sorry.) Then you'll see the results, each clickable for the full version.
As you can see, even a thumbnail saved from a restricted page can be used for successful searching. But there's more! The algorithm will even work with rough scans. You can grab your anime printout, scan it and FIND it's original digital version.
Will you go for it?

A simple Search SDK

Message: You already know how to embed this search to your site.
<iframe src=// width=400 height=350 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>
But here's some tip how to make it even more attractive. Imagine your site being a fan site of Love Hina. But you cannot host hundreds of files, nor can you get that much files. So, why not modifying the parameters of the script?
Using this link will offer the user to search for those wallpapers without even typing! Notice the template=1 parameter. It tells the script not to search immediately. Others are ani=2 (search anime only) and thu=3 - view results with thumbnails.
Enjoy it!