About my software

Links: Hello! Please enjoy all the pieces of software I have made. If you think that something is missing, try my old page.

Flash Player

Links: This is a stand-alone Windows program for playing your collection of Shockwave Flash animations. It is provided in Czech and English versions along with the required object library.
No install required, extract it anywhere and associate the .SWF file type with it.
[Download Link]


Links: I am finally introducing my recent program for the optimization of the size of JPEG files. There are many programs that specialize in the removal of unwanted metadata off these picture files, but none offers the features and simplicity of JPEGcomp.
You can select the degree of metadata removal, create backups or use a different output directory and, as a brand-new option, reduce the size of EXIF data while keeping the most important shooting parameters.
The program is optimized to run in Wine too. On Windows lower than XP and Linux, you may have to download msvbvm60.dll too.
[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3, best]
Enjoy this fine freeware by ZWZ.

GallGen behind the scenes

Message: This article is going to cover some specifications and highlights of the software used to generate the gallery available online on this site. The software is currently unavailable to the public, but if some people are interested, I may write a README and release it here.

The Goals
As a contrary to various php-based sites that accept files via upload one-by-one, GallGen is meant to index a directory (or a whole disk if told so) and offer the images for free download. That's right, memberships aren't and won't ever be implemented. It generates as much static files as possible and only stores information into a database when absolutely necessary. So it is usable on totally non-scripted servers!

Due to my limited knowledge of various programming languages, I have decided to code the whole thing in Visual Basic. The UI is quite messy and Spartan, but that will change if enough people are interested. It's a one-button application (or non-interactive if you use a parameter), everything is configured in configuration files. They are obscure at times, so I may supply a working template and some advices on how to modify them. The application is divided to the generator (a Win32 executable), a search engine (a .Net script), a Full viewer (available as a .Net script for the full experience or a JavaScript HTML for static webhosting) and a bunch of HTM files for quick and static browsing. The gallery is fully backwards-compatible with older browsers, but the older, the less features are available. The peak is currently achieved with the Firefox browser, but MSIE 6 gives reasonable performance too.

Server Requirements
As said above, the gallery can work on a simple static webhosting. No search features are available though. To get the most out of your GallGen, you must have full interactive access to a Windows server with ASP.NET installed. (Version isn't essential.) Any machine with Windows 98 and GDI+ ('95 with the OLE patch installed) or newer can generate the gallery, which can be then uploaded to the server.

Supported formats
The software is currently able to index the following image files:
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • It cannot read files with Unicode characters in the name, but it can read files whose names are fully contained in the current system's code-page. So, if you have a Russian filename on Russian Windows, you are perfectly fine. You have to edit the codepage in the HTML header template though, so that the client's browser knows what your codepage is.

    Are you interested?
    Then make a request and help create yet another free gallery software. The links you may need:
    An example of the gallery in vivo. Doesn't work during the night in Europe.
    My contact information.

    Enhanced Player

    Links: This video player is based around WMP 6 and therefore is fast and stable. It requires standard codecs for playing movies in the codecs not included with Windows.
    Why should you upgrade to it? Well, because it is tailored to the needs of a real watcher! It supports 3 kinds of subtitles, super-full screen and the Boss Key™. This key is Ctrl or Enter. It instantly hides and pauses the player when you press it. It's therefore ideal for watching movies in working environment. No other player offers this feature! Among other features are sound fadeout on exit, subtitle size hotkeys and position saved separately for each movie. Download here.

    The ADPCM Codec

    Links: Some games require this codec, so please download it.


    Links: NEW in v.2.5: It supports LTC-48161!
    LiteFirm can help you with extracting binary firmware out of the Lite-ON executable files. It's not almighty, however, it has already saved dozens of CD burners worldwide. View it's older page, or just download the latest version.

    Náhodné tapety

    Links: aka Random Wallpapers. The interface is currently in Czech only, so you won't probably be able to use the program to it's full capabilities. Mail me, if you want the program in English. Basically, it chooses one picture from your large wallpaper collection on every Windows startup. But it also offers many convenient features, which will convince you to keep this software and to recommend it to others. Namely, nice image resizing (my algorithm yields even better results than Adobe Photoshop when shrinking images! However, it's not as good when enlarging them too much. But information cannot be taken from nowhere anyway). Next, it offers cropping. This means, that if you have a very large picture and want to use only some portion of it as wallpaper, you don't have to recompress it, cut or whatever. Just do a few settings in my program and it will cut it and resize nicely whenever the image is randomly chosen. You could even have more entries for one picture there, each with slightly different cut. You can also view history of the chosen files. So if you didn't like a particular image, you can remove it easily. Uninstaller is included. Download Czech version here.

    Myšové kurzory / Mouse Cursors

    Links: Pouze v češtině. Tři programy v jednom archivu k vytváření kurzorů pro myš ve Windows. Ke stažení ze Swebu nebo přímo ode mě.


    Links: This program can be used to manage the ringtones stored in your DCT3-compatible Nokia mobile phone. It can also edit RTX files and use RE files. Loads FLS Dejan firmwares. Here is the link: Melody To Firmware