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Hi! This is the main page of my new program, Melody To Firmware.
It is a great replacement for Flashtone, which is infamous for it's instability and inflexibility. Just try Melody To Firmware and you will never flash your favorite tunes with anything else! The file takes up 45 kB, which is slightly more than Flashtone. And there is a reason for that - M.T.F. is filled with useful features, that are not to be found elsewhere:
►Extended RTX format with variable tempo, custom turning vibration on and off upon melody playing
►Supports both classic and Unicode firmware; still only DCT3
►You can swap every song in the firmware without having to mess with a hex editor
►You can rename songs and use up to 30 (!!!) characters for that!
►Export some songs from another type of phone firmware and import it to yours.
►And many more! Download your MelodyToFirmware now - it's freeware!


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